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Home Automation is by far the biggest innovation in the technology market for many years, but as with all new innovations, it was complicated, cumbersome and expensive to install and required many repeat visits from expensive technicians to resolve issues and to add to it.

Whilst the technology has become better and mainstream, most of the Home Automation systems installed by larger companies, are still complicated, cumbersome and expensive - not so with Pedigree Home Automation.

BitWise home automation home control system from Pedigree Hoe Automation

Pedigree Home Automation has made life simpler by introducing BitWise from one of the biggest Home Automation and Security companies in the world - Leviton.

Simple to operate and less expensive to use than its nearest competitor, BitWise can be customised to the client's requirements.

Added to a tablet or iPad, BitWise can control everything including lighting, audio / video, alarms, security cameras, under-floor heating - the list is endless. The system also negates the needs for scores of remote controls - all you need now is one - BitWise.

Pedigree Home Automation has listened to it's clients over the years and found that overly complicated Home Automation systems can do a lot, but do not necessarily control what you really need to control. Who needs to run the bath when they are leaving work?

Home automation - the whole house

And with the recent addition of voice activation systems to the market, Home Automation has taken on a new lease of life - simply speak the command, and it's wish is your every command.

Leading the way in Home Cinema innovation in the Algarve and Portugal, The Pedigree Group and Projection Dreams, have recently incorporated voice activation into its market leading showroom in Almancil demonstrating the abilities of voice activation systems to control all manner of functions.

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