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We live in a world where demand for internet and internet resources has outstripped the infrastructure feeding it.

We are spending more time at home than ever before. Many of us choose to work from home, exercise at home, relax at home, game at home and interact with family and friends from home.


It is therefore undeniable that the internet plays a crucial and integral part in many of these daily routines, which is why a solid home network installation has never been more important than it is now.

In today's digital society of social networking, internet banking, online shopping, video conferencing, gaming and security, a good, strong, and reliable internet and Wi-Fi network, wherever you are is paramount - or frustration is likely to set in!

Pedigree Networking - make bad Wi-Fi a thing of the past

At Pedigree Networking, we believe that an internet connection should not have to be a consideration, but automatic and hassle-free in the modern home and workplace. Therefore, we take great pride in the design and installation of quality networks.

A network from Pedigree Networking will give you connectivity wherever you need it and have zero impact on how you connect and stay connected to the internet, whatever device you are using to connect, and whatever you are using the internet for.

With years of experience and trained certified technicians,
Pedigree Networking is the only choice when it comes to installing or improving internet coverage throughout your property.

While the introduction of Fibre into many homes has increased internet connection speeds, this does not mean that this newer delivery method will automatically improve Wi-Fi coverage and the speed in all rooms and areas of your property. It simply means that the speed from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is faster - but only to the router!​

To be able to take advantage of faster internet speeds and stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi connections, you will more than likely need to add access points to your network which will pass the internet from the router to strategic positions within the property.

Newer Wi-Fi frequencies do not penetrate walls and floors as effectively as older frequencies so it will appear that the Wi-Fi is either not working or is very slow. There are only two options to resolve this - Powerline Adaptors and cabled Wi-Fi Access Points.

The best option (where possible) is a cabled Wi-Fi access point network. This option sends the internet through dedicated CAT-6 networking cables throughout the property to wireless (Wi-Fi) access points which transmit the Wi-Fi signal.

Both options broadcast the older and newer Wi-Fi frequencies allowing (where sufficient units and coverage exists) seamless, drop-less Wi-Fi.

The result - seamless connections to all wireless devices, anywhere in your property both inside and outside!​

If you cannot connect to the internet in certain areas of your property, experience drop-outs when on a video or internet call, or experience black spots, you need to get Pedigree Networking in to resolve the problem - NOW!​

Whether you are starting with a new build or have an older property, with careful planning and a professional evaluation, we will suggest the correct option to ensure you have the best possible coverage, wherever you are - no blackspots and no dead zones!​

There are a multitude of options on the market from various manufacturers all purporting to do the same thing - to improve internet and Wi-Fi coverage throughout your property. Few deliver what they say "on the box" to the level they should.

Pedigree Networking has however, done the legwork for you and sorted the good from the bad to ensure that every installation we do, will perform to it's optimum.

Both can be used to provide full-speed internet in almost any part of your property. So how exactly do they work, and more importantly, which one is right for you and what do you do if you cannot get high-speed internet to your property at all?

Pedigree Networking - helping you make the Right Choice - not the Wrong Decision

Powerline Adaptors

Powerline adaptors pass the internet from the router, through the electrics of the property, allowing additional Wi-Fi units in key locations to re-broadcast the Wi-Fi signal - where there is a power point.


This option is ideal for older properties where cabling has not been installed or properties where cables cannot be run. More than two adaptors will allow the creation of a MESH Wi-Fi network.


A Powerline network consists of two or more adaptors on one network with a maximum of eight units. The first or master, is plugged in to an electrical socket by your router and connects directly to your router. Additional Wi-Fi units are plugged in to other sockets in the property, all communicating with your Wi-Fi devices and each other, using the electrical circuits to pass the internet from point to point.

Devolo Network from Pedigree Networking

Cabled WiFi Access Points

A cabled Wi-Fi access point network works in a similar way to Powerline however it uses a different method to deliver internet from point-to-point.


Instead of passing the internet feed through the electrics, each access point is connected directly to a controller via a dedicated CAT-6 or network cable - no power socket is needed as they are powered by the controller. This system ensures there is less loss of speed.

This is the best if the property is new and has network cables installed (as legally required), if the property is being renovated and tubes can be run inside the walls or if there is a way to get cables from the controller to the access points.

In most cases, access points can deliver a stronger network and have the added advantage of being able to be installed outside as there are waterproof versions available.

Pedigree Networking and Luxul - Simply Connected

The best Wi-Fi Powerline network system on the market.

German made, high-quality, high-speed.

No wires, no mess - just high-speed Wi-Fi throughout your property.

Luxul Intelligent Networking

Professional-grade Wi-Fi access point network, professionally installed for seamless Wi-Fi streaming of internet throughout your property.

If the cabling in your property does not look like this, it is unmanaged and may not perform to the best of its ability.

Cable Management from Pedigree Networking
Pedigree Networking and Starlink - bring high-speed intenet wherever you are

Not to be confused with other technology satellite internet, Starlink delivers high-speed internet via satellite directly to your property - whether you are in a rural area or in a city.

We live in a world where the demand for good internet has outstripped the infrastructure feeding it.

Is your network optimized?

Internet Streaming Optimisation - ISO by Pedigree Networking
EMF Exposure by Pedigree Networking

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and wireless radiation (Radiofrequencies or “RF”) are now the largest, fastest growing and most hazardous toxins around us today and you cannot see them! With the introduction of the latest generation of mobile internet (5G) installations being fast-tracked, things can only get worse.

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