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Internet and Wi-Fi is key to 21st century living and good networking is fundamental to ensure you have good access whether you are connecting from a PC, a MAC, an iPad, an iPhone, a smartphone or a tablet.

This is where Pedigree Networking can help. With trained and qualified technicians, Pedigree Networking install professional networks to any property whether it is residential or commercial using the best in networking equipment to ensure seamless access wherever in the property you are - even outside!

Organised network switch

Proficient in the implementation of networks for home automation and total home control, or simply to watch your internet television box or surf the internet, Pedigree Networking can do it all for you.

Pedigree Networking only uses top of line networking equipment from market leaders, Luxul and Devolo. Anything less than the best, simply does not make economical sense. High street brands do not stand the test of time and in our experience, do not give the power and range of the equipment Pedigree Networking install.

Luxul networking equipment

Cabling is paramount in all installations Pedigree Networking performs with special care and attention given to "Cable Management". A well executed network with all cables labelled and colour coordinated where necessary will allow future expansion with ease and ensure diagnostics can be managed quickly and efficiently.

Unorganized network cables
Organised network switch

Spaghetti Junction

Cables Managed Properly

With optional network monitoring, you can be sure if an issue occurs with a connected device, the Pedigree Networking team will be on the case to resolve the situation where a support contract is in place. This could be with a Wi-Fi Access Point, a computer or even with audio / video equipment - early warning is always the best to resolve a situation.

Domotz network monitoring from Luxul

The Internet in the Algarve is well known to be woeful with operators struggling to cope with access from all users and the increasing demand of gaming and video streaming users.

Getting the best speed you can from whichever Internet operator you opt for is key to the speed of the individual devices you connect to the Internet. This is even more crucial when using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that supplies you with a 4G or wireless connection - i.e. not ADSL or Fibre. Pedigree Networking stocks and supplies Dual-Sim 4G routers for those who use a lot of data and require two Sim cards that will automatically switch when the limit is used.

Pedigree Networking can install directional and Omni-directional antennas to your 4G router that can help improve both the signal strength and speeds of your Internet connection, especially from 6 PM onwards when everyone comes home and "bashes" the Internet.

Teltonika dual sim 4G router attached to 4G omni-directional antenna from Pedigree Networking

Dual Sim Router

With Antennas

Directional 4G antenna available from Pedigree Networking



4G omni-directional antenna available from Pedigree Networking

Omni-Directional Antenna

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