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Take the first step today towards a healthier home tomorrow with Pedigree Networking

Electromagnetic Radiation

(EMR / EMF) Testing

Reduce Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, Radio Frequency and Dirty Electricity

Take the first step today towards a healthier home tomorrow!

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and wireless radiation (Radiofrequencies or “RF”) are now the largest, fastest growing and most hazardous toxins around us today and you cannot see them! With the introduction of the latest generation of mobile internet (5G) installations being fast-tracked, things can only get worse.


While it is impossible to completely avoid EMFs in today's society, Pedigree Networking can find the sources and reduce your exposure in critical spaces.

EMF Exposure by Pedigree Networking

What are the most common sources of EMF?

Appliances and building wiring

Mobile phone towers

Wi-Fi routers

Bluetooth devices

Electric cars

Baby monitors

High voltage transmission & power lines

Inverters from solar panels




Wireless technology

Smart electric meters

Overexposure or sensitivity to EMFs can express with the following symptoms

Overexposure to EMFs can lead to health issues. Pedigree Networking can help

learning and memory deficits  |  neurological disorders

concentration difficulties  |  headaches

insomnia / sleep problems  |  anxiety

depression  |  irritability

chronic fatigue  |  nausea

cellular damage  |  allergy stress responses

increased cancer risk  |  DNA damage

heart palpitations  |  leukaemia

tumours  |  low sperm count

compromised reproductive system  |  compromised immune system

chemical sensitivities

electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)

Harmful Health Effects from EMF Exposure

Symptoms and the levels of health effect severity can vary from person to person when exposed to different electromagnetic field intensities and frequencies.

Children Are at Greater Risk

Multiple studies have proven that children absorb over two times the radiation than adults. Read the study HERE to learn why children are more susceptible.

Research Studies on EMFs & Health

Thousands of studies indicate harmful effects from EMF radiation. The BioInitiative Report provides an in-depth document into the health effects of EMF. It examines the research of over 3800 studies on EMR (electromagnetic radiation), reviews the current exposure standards and finds that they are far from adequate to protect public health. Research studies continue to be published showing the deleterious effects of EMFs on humans, animals, insects, and plants. Read it HERE.

Are you aware that Electromagnetic Fields were classified as a GROUP 2B POSSIBLE CARCINOGEN by The World Health Organization in 2011? Click HERE to read the WHO article.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR / EMF) Testing

EMF Testing by Pedigree Networking

EMF / EMR testing is conducted by our trained technicians who understand how building materials affect exposure to radio frequencies, and EMF shielding solutions.

We offer mitigation and reduction solutions and provide the best options for shielding needed to reduce EMF exposure.

Book your consultation today by calling (+351) 289 040 403 or emailing

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