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"Our Mission"

The Pedigree Group - About Us

The mission of The Pedigree Group is to offer a one-stop-shop for all clients covering Everything for the House and Home.

Our experience with Property Renovations, Property Conversions and the installation of High-end Audio & Video systems has given us invaluable experience in all aspects of properties, both old and new.

The Pedigree Group only works with qualified, experienced and where required, qualified trades whether your need is a full Property Renovation to adding Lighting or a pond in the Garden.


Our in-house teams are experienced in Project Management, Network installations, Home and Commercial Automation, Security systems, Property Renovation, Renewables and are trained professionals with certifications in THX and ISF for Audio and Video installations.

You can rest assured that when you speak to us, our team of seasoned professionals and project managers, translate your requirement, managing the trades and specialists, so you only need to converse with one person.

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