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Working with one of Europes leading Audio-Video companies - ProjectionDreams, you can expect your Outdoor Entertainment to be spectacular - and you are right! 


Dolby Atmos outdoor Cinemas, waterproof outdoor televisions to high-quality background audio, we bring years of expertise to the outside of your property.


Outdoor Sound & Vision can be an extension of your indoor entertainment system with the same TV channels, Movies and Music, or can be completely standalone - at the touch of a button.

The speakers and screen can be discreet, or on show with all cabling hidden underground.


We are spending more and more time at home and where better to relax during the hot summer days, than the garden.

Sound around the swimming pool, or strategically hidden throughout the garden can highten the enjoyment especially if entertaining, or dining outside.

Consider merging outdoor sound and vision in to one fully encompassing entertainment area with a large screen Outdoor TV, surround sound and fully enjoy the outdoors.

There are no limits to the scope of entertainment from Pedigree Outdoor

If you have a large outdoor space and would like to have the most exclusive outdoor television or sound system in the world, look no further!

Designed in the Porsche Design Studio, the C'Seed outdoor systems are as breathtaking in person, as they are in the videos below.

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