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As a division of one of Europes leading Audio-Video companies - ProjectionDreams, you should expect your Outdoor Entertainment to be spectacular - and you are right! 


From Dolby Atmos outdoor Cinemas, to high-quality background audio, we bring many years of expertise to the outside of your property.


They can be an extension of your indoor entertainment system with the same TV channels, Movies and Music, or can be completely standalone - at the touch of a button.

The speakers and screen can be discreet, or on show with all cabling hidden underground.


Outdoor Projector based Cinema system


Garden speakers surrounding a swimming pool


There is no limit to the scope of entertainment from Pedigree Outdoor

And if you are looking for the best in outdoor entertainment, what about the world's largest and fully retractable LED TV?

Combine this with fully retractable speakers and you have an amazing system that is hidden away when not in use.

With a little imagination there is no limit to the scope of Outdoor Entertainment that Pedigree Outdoor can provide