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The swimming pool is often the central feature of any outdoor space in the Algarve and frames the way with which the area is viewed.  Most people only know the traditional white finish and blue tile rectangular swimming pool design. However, with modern swimming pool construction techniques and materials there is really no limit to the creativity that can be used when designing a swimming pool


Pedigree Outdoor specialize in Freeform Swimming Pools, with beach landings, shallow Jacuzzi areas, grottoes, pebble finishes and water features built-in.


There are a thousand different colours that can be used to ensure that your Swimming Pool compliments its surroundings without clashing.  Added to this discrete lighting and a futuristic filtration technique, where filtration takes place when water is forced through micropores in the structure itself, and you have a stunning looking Swimming Pool that is a different option from the traditional tiled, rectangular Swimming Pool.


Natural, freeform swimming pools that compliment the environment


The swimming pool can have a traditional salt or chlorine filtration system

a modern liner/filter system or even use plants as the main filtration media


Lights, steps, bubblers and even Jacuzzis can be built into the swimming pool


A more traditional infinity pool that compliments an ocean-side villa perfectly

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