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So - you are a budding golfer and want to practise your short-game or simply entertain friends and family on your own golf course?

Pedigree Outdoor can design and install a completely bespoke and custom golf course at your home with different depths of grass to mimick a professional golf course.

We can install a single hole through to an 18-hole course for you if you have the space, flags and cups as well!

Putting Green - Pedigree Outdoor


If you prefer tennis to golf, have the space and would like to have a tennis court at your property, Pedigree Outdoor can help.

You may even have an existing tennis court that is looking tired and needs to be refurbished.

Using the best in Artificial Grass specifically designed for tennis courts, Pedigree Outdoor can install a Tennis Court for you including nets and lights for nightime games.

Artificial Grass Tennis Court - Pedigree Outdoor
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