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We live in a paradise - the Algarve - which has over 300 days of sun per year, no dangerous animals, zero pollution and less harmful UV rays than Scotland.


What more excuses do you need to maximise your outside space?

Pedigree Outdoor are specialists in the transformation and improvement of the outdoor area of your property from the installation of the best Artificial Grass , Outdoor Sound and Vision, intuitive Decorative & Security Outdoor Lighting through to complete Landscaping and Garden Design to maximise the benefits of Outdoor Living in the Algarve.

Sound & Vision does not have to be limited to the inside of your property. Watch your favourite movie or listen to amazing music from any source with Outdoor Sound & Vision from Pedigree Outdoor.

Samsung Terrace Outdoor Television - Pedigree Outdoor
Artificial Grass - Pedigree Outdoor

Tired of high water bills? Grass turns brown during the summer?

Pedigree Outdoor have the solution with the best, most life-like artificial grass in the region for realistic applications in any area. We can even create a putting green in your garden!

Free-form swimming pools used to be a dream - now they are a reality with Pedigree Outdoor.

Built-In Jacuzzi, a swim-up bar, any shape or size you want and environmentally friendly allowing a smoother planning application.

Free-form swimming pools - Pedigree Outdoor
Landscaping & Gardening - Pedigree Outdoor

Combining our skills in design and placement, we can transform a boring garden into a beautiful and colourful paradise with clever planting of trees, shrubs and plants and add a different dimention to the outside of any property.

Ribs on the BBQ, Sangria with lots of ice, a cold Beer - these things scream summer in the Algarve.

And now you can enjoy the fun and entertainment with a stunning outdoor kitchen from
Pedigree Outdoor.

Whether you need is a simple BBQ or a full entertainment area, we can design and install it all.

Outdoor Kitchens - Pedigree Outdoor
Outdoor Lighting - Pedigree Outdoor

Outdoor lighting is something that is not often given the attention it deserves, and can be so much more than just flood lights and the occasional light on the wall.

Intuitive Outdoor Lighting can transform the look, feel and the security of your property with colour lights, in-ground systems and decoration.

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our portfolio of outdoor work we have done for clients - from outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, jacuzzi, ponds and complete landscaping.

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