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Pedigree Networking has released a complete range of Professional-Grade, Enterprise Wi-Fi network repeaters, access points, boosters and extenders.

Whole Home Coverage - Wi-Fi Dead-Zone Killer

No wires, no mess, no fuss

Ruijie M32
AJAX Photo Verification from Pedigree Security

Pedigree Security has now updated the line up of detectors that are available for AJAX alarm systems.

These include the new PhOD or Photo On-Demand detectors which allow users to take 5-photo at the click of a button to record an event.

These photos can be kept for evidence or for your records.

Sony have announced that certain models of their impressive range of OLED, Full Array and 8K television are now IMAX Enhanced and come with Sony's BRAVIA CORE streaming service.


Unleash the power of IMAX Enhanced with a stunning Sony Professional television from Sony Professionals agents in the Algarve, ProjectionDreams.

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