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Secure and stylish, with smart home capabilities

If you've been thinking about sorting out your home security, are building a new apartment, villa, or townhouse, renovating an existing property, have purchased a holiday home with an old security system or have an old cable alarm system, a security alarm from Pedigree Security should be top of your list of musts.

Beyond the crucial security aspect, Ajax systems boast an ever expanding range of other features that help it stand out from the crowd – especially for smart home fans and those who appreciate stylishly designed tech.


As an Ajax Baseline certified Intrusion speicalist, a security alarm from Pedigree Security is the only sensible, secure, and non-invasive way to go!

The security system is designed to protect all premises from break-ins (both inside and outside the property), as well as fire and flood. Because Ajax is a professional-grade option rather than a DIY effort, it can be connected to monitoring stations; when an alarm is triggered, the system will immediately activate its sirens, alert you via the companion app and / or request help from an alarm response company if you choose this option.

While DIY systems are certainly better than nothing, few can offer a truly holistic and well-safeguarded solution.

Pedigree Security and Ajax - the Apple of the security system industry. Like Apple, Ajax has carved a name for itself by focusing on sleek design, an effortless user experience, and, of course, fantastic proprietary technologies.

Ajax Alarms from Pedigree Security

Ajax systems have a host of over 50 wireless and wired devices which can serve a variety of purposes to help you sleep better at night and leave your home feeling secure when unattended - and not only thanks to its motion detectors!


Ajax systems cover almost every aspect of either home, office, store, or even entire production security, offering ultimate peace of mind - whether it’s break-ins, fire or flood detection.

Plus, its Grade 2 accreditation and PD 6662 compliance allows it to be connected to central monitoring stations - meaning that the police can react to alarm notifications.

NSI Logo

"PD 6662:2017 assures customers that all alarm systems in terms of equipment and configuration will be in line with the latest European standards.  This is a powerful message given the value placed on the PD 6662 scheme by the Police Services in regard to alarm response. Working with NSI approved companies who issue NSI Certificates of Compliance for all alarm installations they commission, gives buyers the assurance that the latest versions of Standards are adhered to at all times."

Using smart motion detectors, which are pet-friendly, and won’t react to animals smaller than 50cm and 20kg, your Ajax intrusion system can oversee all activity both inside and outside the property. It can also provide photo verification of alarms to help users and security companies make informed decisions around potential threats. In fact, Ajax systems through Pedigree Security, can even integrate video cameras for HD video surveillance - please see our section on CCTV by clicking HERE.

APP Control and Home Automation

Your Ajax alarm system can be controlled entirely via the accompanying FREE mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android. That means you can activate, check, or disable any system remotely, while handy notifications will keep you updated with anything that does require your attention at home, even when you're in the office or abroad on holiday.

Ajax also provides devices for Smart Home Automation and integration – including the Socket smart plug, Relay, and WallSwitch – which let you control power, lights, gates, boilers, and other appliances using the Ajax app.


In conjunction with the 'Scenarios' feature, you can schedule certain actions, or set up your devices to respond in specific ways. For instance, you can set the system to automatically shut down the water to prevent flooding or cut off the potential cause of ignition near a fire alarm, or set up home activity simulation with lights and TV when you're away on holiday - as well as securing your property!


Photo Verification to Guard Against False Alarms

When triggered, the Ajax MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor detectors take a series of photos. This makes it simple for you (via your app) and / or your security company to determine whether there's been an actual break-in, or someone has just forgotten to disarm the system.


Want even more visibility? For HD video monitoring, it's also possible to integrate video cameras from third party brands into the setup. Ajax motion detectors are also pet-friendly and designed not to react to animals smaller than 50cm and 20kg. 

AJAX Photo Verification

Hassle-Free, Renter-Friendly Installation


Ajax Jeweller systems can be installed without any need to drill walls or lay cables as they are wireless – great news for renters or anyone who wants to be able to transfer their security system with them when they move home.


You'll need to get Pedigree Security to set up the system, but the process is quick and painless. Our professional installation team will ensure all potential entry points are covered and check everything is working together smoothly.

Ultra-Reliable, even in a Blackout or Power Failure

Because Ajax is a professional-grade system, there are a plethora of built-in features to ensure the devices remains up and is always running.


The Baseline system is Grade 2 certified , which means the systems can resist experienced attackers with special equipment. Transmitted data is encrypted, and in the case of interference or jamming attempts, the system will switch to a free radio frequency, and notify you and / or your security company.


The central hubs operate on the proprietary OS Malevich, which doesn’t crash and can't be "infected" by a virus.

AJAX Hub2 Plus

In case of a blackout, the hub has a backup battery that works for up to 16-hours.


There are several communication channels available, which work in parallel and can back each other up in case of an emergency. For instance, the Hub 2 Plus comes with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and two 2G/3G/4G SIM-card slots. In short, you're always protected. 

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