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Secure and simple to use with multiple registered users

Safire Bluetooth Electronic Door Lock from Pedigree Security

You arrive home - hands full of shopping, fumbling to find your keys. Invariably they will either be in your handbag or the pocket of your trousers, normally the wrong pocket or pocket on the side you are carrying the bags. So, you have to put down the shopping, get the keys, unlock the door, pick up the shopping and in you go.

What if there was a way you could unlock your door from your phone as you pull into the drive?

You can now with Pedigree Security using the NEW Bluetooth Electronic Door Lock.

Battery operated and lasting up to 6-months (10 openings per day) without changing the batteries and using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this lock replaces your current standard European lock so there is no alteration needed to your door. The lock can even be used with shutters - if they have the same locking system.

Made from tough aluminium alloy, this lock includes a key for manual operation as well as via a FREE app for your mobile device so you can unlock the door remotely.


Multiple users can access the lock via the app and the app can produce log reports so you can see who has accessed the lock.


The lock can also be configured to automatically lock if required.

A great addition to any intelligent house or home.

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