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Pedigree Security

Is your property, it's content
and the people in it as
secure as they could be?

We protect what matters!

Pedigree Security has built its reputation as one of the leading security companies in the Algarve by providing integrated, tailored security installations, dedicated to safeguarding clients, their families, and their property whether it is a home, investment, or commercial premises.

We are fully committed to deliver a professional and personalised experience, maintaining the highest level of attention to detail our clients have come to expect over a wide range of security services including alarms, security cameras (CCTV), video entry and security lighting.

Pedigree Security protected property

Protecting your property, its content, and the people in it, should be the number one priority for any vigilant property owner whether the property is in a built-up area or in a remote location, yet many overlook security believing the unthinkable will never happen to them.


Deterrent is the best form of protection - the better the security, the better the deterrent. This means there is less chance that you or your family will experience the violation and heartache that follows a robbery or break in - or worse.

In mainland Portugal, published and reported cases of property related crime alone in 2021, excluding the theft of or from motor vehicles or other types of theft, totalled 28,472 and while this figure saw a drop from 2020, this was due in no small part to the pandemic keeping people in their homes and off the streets.

Authorities and tourism offices obscure and massage figures to encourage visitors, investment, and property sales and while Portugal is one of the top five safest countries in the world to live, property owners need to be given the facts with which to act - before they have to react.


With a constant increase in immigration from poorer countries, tax increases, cost of living hikes and fuel price increases, crime figures are likely to rise in coming years.

With the vast number of expensive gadgets most homes have these days, where a smart phone or tablet costs over 1,200 euros, keeping your home secure should always be a top priority.

Yet, so many people opt to either completely ignore home security solutions or use DIY systems that are less sophisticated, less secure, largely unregulated and more prone to failure than professional-grade systems such as the systems we install.


Pedigree Security only install professional-grade security solutions for both inside and outside your property. These are not the cheapest on the market but give property owners a "proper" sense of security.


There is only one form of true protection - a tailored security system, designed and installed with the full involvement of the property owner in the setup and operation of the security system. Only the owner should know who should be able to access the property, who should be in the property, for how long and at which times. There is nobody better equipped to monitor your own property and know if something is wrong - you! If you decide to have a monitored security system, we can put you in touch with a professional monitoring service.

The more specific the deterrent, the less, opportunistic thieves will even contemplate stepping on to your property and the more in control you will be and the more protected you will feel.

On request,
Pedigree Security will arrange a no obligation security audit of your property, where you will receive guidance on the range of personalised security solutions Pedigree Security install, working with you to create a security solution that works with and for you.

Alarm systems from Pedigree Security are state-of-the-art and can be monitored both locally, remotely via smartphone, tablet, or a computer from anywhere in the world - so long as you have an internet connection. You will receive notifications, alerts and warnings directly so you can act immediately.

Alarms by Pedigree Security

Video Entry or VE systems from Pedigree Security are key to controlling the main entrance to your property and who you allow access - these can be simple doorbell systems, keypad entry systems through an access code, video entry so you can see who is at the gate or door, or a combination of all. Answer the door and see who is at the gate when at home or away - click a button and allow access.

Video Entry from Pedigree Security
Security Lighting by Pedigree Security

Thieves love the dark. Security lights are now and always have been the bane of any thief's life. A well illuminated property will normally be less inviting to someone wanting to enter your property uninvited than a property that is dark. Alarms alert, CCTV records - Security Lights will deter. Intuitive use of LED floods, ground, bollard and decorative lighting, will ensure your property does not look like "Colditz", but acts with other security systems to keep you and your property as safe as possible.

A Safe Room or Panic Room is a hidden and fortified room that is installed in a private or business residence to provide a safe "shelter", or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break in, home invasion, or other threat.

Safe & Panic Rooms by Pedigree Security
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