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When thinking about a security system for your house, home or business, a CCTV security camera system should be included, and you need to know you have the best security system to perform as you need it to.

Many properties still have old CCTV cameras displaying black and white footage in some cases or are so out of focus and of poor quality, that you cannot identify or capture images that are useful or can be used as evidence if needed. In most cases, these CCTV systems are not accessible online so you cannot react immediately to a trigger or react in real-time or when you are away from the property.

Lilin Cameras

This is where a CCTV security camera system from Pedigree Security is different. Whether you have an existing system that needs to be upgraded or require a new installation, Pedigree Security will advise you what is needed, and our professional installation team will perform the correct installation - with no fuss.

CCTV security cameras should form part of global security installations incorporating security alarms, security lighting, video door and gate entry systems and where required, a safe / panic room.

CCTV security cameras can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall, in a false ceiling cavity, on a desk, on poles in the garden - you can even have covert cameras inside your property. Recording can be either to a memory card built into the camera, or to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) where weeks of recording can be referred to if needed.

All CCTV security cameras are available with variations that can be connected by cable or wireless and have image resolutions from 2-mexapixels to 12-megapixels or 4K. Some have fixed lenses, some zoom lenses, some can tilt and some rotate up to 360 degrees.

CCTV from Pedigree Security

Most CCTV cameras have IR or "night-vision" meaning movement can be detected and recorded even at night. Some even do this in colour. And if you want to the system to be able to distinguish between a car or person that should not be on the premises, the "intelligent" models, can be programmed to automatically identify a "registered" visitor or vehicle accordingly to save false notifications and alarms. Other versions even have the ability to monitor body temperature - ideal where Covid is a problem and access is restricted accordingly.

IR Night-Vision Cameras
Thermographic Cameras

Alarm & CCTV Integrated Systems - Ajax and Safire

If you considering a CCTV security camera system installation and want to have the advantage of the system being integrated into your security alarm system, Safire is the one for you - IF you have an existing Ajax alarm installation.


Safire CCTV cameras will automatically alert the alarm of breach or intruder and trigger the alarm accordingly and with the "scenario" programming functions within the Ajax alarm system, can act how it is programmed to.

AJAX alarm system has launched full integration with Safire cameras and video recorders. From the Ajax App you can see what is happening in case of an alarm or check in on your video surveillance whenever you want. This new and important functionality allows you to add additional security to your installation allowing you to see what is happening in your home or office from anywhere.

The integration of video surveillance with the alarm system in the same application places Ajax Security Systems and Safire CCTV Systems in an important position in the world of security, providing great advantages for the user: -

  • Direct stream in case of alarm

  • Immediate access to desired video streams

  • All-in-one control from the same app

  • Download screenshots to the smartphone memory

AJAX and Safire
Lilin Logo
Safire Logo

Standalone CCTV Security Systems - Safire or Lilin?

Both Safire and Lilin have an impressive range of CCTV security cameras for any and all applications.

With wireless and cable models, varying lens options, resolutions, both CCTV camera brands are market leaders.

There is nothing to really differentiate between Safire and Lilin short of being able to integrate with Ajax alarm systems. Prices are comparable and the range is similar.

So, if you are are looking for a standalone system CCTV security system, both brands come with iOS and Android apps so you can monitor the feeds remotely and react accordingly.

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