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Projects Large or Small - New and Old

Pedigree Renovation have managed projects of all scales, from refreshing a small space to working on large projects with architects and construction teams.

We have mainly worked, but not exclusively, with traditional buildings - restoring them to their former beauty. We are passionate about traditional architecture and design and always renovate sympathetically towards the character and history of the building.

Recently, we have taken on more modern projects, adding newer technology and design influences in line with the individual taste of the client.

Whether the requirement is to renovate an entire property, an area of your villa, townhouse, or apartment, or to sympathetically rebuild a total ruin in the hills, Pedigree Renovation have the experience, skills and the team of specialists to make your dream a reality.

We Listen
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We Listen!

It starts with a meeting at the property with you. We will look at the property, listen to what you want to achieve, understand any special needs and requirements, give advice, make suggestions and formulate a plan.


If you have already appointed an architect, brilliant. If not, we can arrange an English speaking architect who can meet with you to arrange plans, designs and sort planning approval - if planning is needed or required.

Project Management


Our in-house and highly experienced Project Manager, will oversee the entire project from the ground up. You will only need to speak to him from this point on. No more having to juggle various trades, coping with language barriers or dealing with the authorities - we do it all!

Project Management
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We Keep You Up To Date - The Journey!


Many clients are not here full-time but want and need to see progress. Keeping you fully informed with regular updates and progress images is key to the renovation journey.


Therefore, on a weekly basis, the Project Manager will send a detailed report to our Client Liaison Manager, who will report what has been achieved with images and videos, directly to you. Any decisions will be discussed with you immediately so the project does not stall.

Skills - Nothing Is Too Much Trouble

Our team have lived and worked in Portugal for many years. This has allowed us to develop relationships with the best trades and craftspeople and to understand problem areas. We have done the hard work for you. No cowboys work with Pedigree Renovation - no worries!


With our teams of partners and trades, we can handle any renovation including automation, carousels for your car, safe rooms, securitya complete interior design service and much more - even the outdoor of your property.

Click HERE to see some of our services.

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Charges and Costs

When we have agreed what the project will entail, we will arrange prices for each element and present (in person) the final project to you for final discussion, alteration and approval.

Our charges include all known fees, a project management charge and IVA / VAT.

There are no hidden charges or fees with Pedigree Renovation.

Alterations, changes and additions can be added "on the fly" and these will be charged on agreement as extras or adendums to the project.

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