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Starlink is the latest in a generation of internet service providers, offering high-speed internet connections - but with a difference.

Starlink internet is broadcasted via hundreds of satellites orbiting the earth, connected via a small unobtrusive collection dish and router in your property.

Unlike older generation satellite internet options, the provider delivers high-speed low-latency internet connections for those who cannot get high-speed internet in their location, who are located in rural areas, are mobile or who want to be more off the grid.

Pedigree Networking - Starlink Installations
Pedigree Networking - Starlink Installation kit

How can Pedigree Networking help?


Starlink will supply the installation kit directly to clients. While sold as an easy install, many clients do not have the means with which to climb on to the roof, mount the dish, tune it to the correct satellites and install the router.

This is where Pedigree Networking comes in.

You purchase the installation kit directly from Starlink and arrange the contract.

You call us on (+351) 289 040 403 and for a small charge, our technical team will handle the installation for you and optimise your home network to its optimum.

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