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When the fun of the swimming pool has gone, the heat of the summer sun has become unbearable, the rain stopped play or the evening has put pay to outdoor activities, what do you do?

Most properties have a spare room or unused basement that has a few boxes for storage or suitcases waiting for the next holiday.

Every member of the family has a unique way to unwind, so diverse entertainment options are needed to suit not just one person, but all members of the family.


There is so much you can do with a spare room or unused basement where the whole family can benefit from fun and recreation, together or on their own. Good Entertainment facilities are essential for the enjoyment of any home.

Converting unused space can also bring a further dimension to your home and increase the value of your property for future sale.


With more and more people realising this, The Pedigree Group can help.

See our Portfolio of completed Entertainment Spaces to get ideas and to see how The Pedigree Group has helped other clients.

Design & Renovation

If you have a dark and dingy basement or a large garage you would like to do more with, it starts with imagination - you decide what you would like to include, and our team of designers, will come up with a design to divide up the space to include as much as the area will allow and your budget dictates and a flow to make it all work.

With our experienced teams of builders, painters and decorators and electricians, The Pedigree Group will renovate the space according to the design and inclusions to create an amazing Entertainment Space to be the envy of your friends, family and neighbours.

So what can you include in your entertainment space? Anything your imagination will allow.

Below are some ideas and inclusions other clients have installed.

Take a look at our Entertainment Room Portfolio for inspiration and to see how The Pedigree Group can help you.

Home Cinema (1).jpg

Home Cinemas

Home Cinemas have become and more and more popular in Europe recently with most modern properties either including a Home Cinema when planning the build, or adding a Cinema Room after the property has been completed.

ProjectionDreams / Pedigree Sound & Vision, can design, plan and build a Home Cinema with the latest technology to suit most budgets, space permitting.


If you do not have the budget for a dedicated Home Cinema, a Cine-Lounge is the next best thing, delivering cinema quality sound with a large screen television or ultra-short throw laser projector.

ProjectionDreams / Pedigree Sound & Vision
can design, plan and build a Cine-Lounge with the latest technology to suit most budgets and taste.

Cine-Lounge (1).jpg
Cine-Lounge (1).jpg


Unlike high-street stores, we do not sell mainstream televisions - we sell the best from Sony Professional.

Leaders in the visual market, Sony Professional take their televisions to the next level with IMAX Enhanced technology and Sony's proprietary streaming systems, Bravia Core.

With a 3-years proprietary warranty on all televisions and the renowed Prime Support, there is no better.

Snooker, Pool and Billiard Tables

Available through Pedigree Entertainment, we can arrange snooker, pool and billiar tables in virtually any size and colour with baize to compliment your living or entertaining space - even printing your family crest or favourite football team logo on the material.

Pool Table (1).jpg
Fuzeball Table (1).jpg

Football / Fuzeball Tables

For the football enthusiast, Pedigree Entertainment can custom build you a Football / Fuzeball table in the colour you want and have the teams in the colour and strip of your favourite football club.

You can choose from normal legs and wood finish or the zen style in virtually any colour you want including black.

With custom, you only need to imagine.

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