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Luxul is the leading innovator of professional grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation professionals – the preferred choice of Pedigree Networking.

With a huge range of solutions for every installation, the choice is clear – Pedigree Networking and Luxul.

Routers, managed switches, network controllers and Wi-Fi access points for both inside and outside of your property will ensure a seamless Wi-Fi and internet friendly network for today’s technologically hungry world.

Luxul Wireless Networking from Pedigree Networking

Using the Luxul system which creates a reliable, solid network performance you’ve should expect from your internet and Wi-Fi connection. With fantastic coverage and excellent data rates, Luxul provides powerful Wi-Fi connections to all your wireless devices.

Ideal for large properties or small installations, Luxul Professional networking equipment has a solution – even for small spaces!

Networks host more connected devices than ever before, and the expectation for them all to work seamlessly is higher than ever. With Luxul ProWatch, monitor and manage every device on the network to proactively respond to issues.

WiFi should be a useful tool - not a constant distraction. Make it so with Pedigree Networking


Wi-Fi is a problem everyone will be familiar with.


For days, you have been looking forward to watching the football with your friends or the latest blockbuster with your family but when it’s finally time to turn on the match or the movie, the internet connection goes bad. Instead of relaxing and enjoying, you have to fight signal crashes, missing that missing that crucial goal or penalty or critical scene.


Unfortunately, poor Wi-Fi reception is the rule rather than the exception in many households. Pedigree Networking can resolve this for you.

There are many reasons for poor Wi-Fi reception, from external sources that interfere, the materials used to construct the property, to the position of the router.


Small changes often contribute to improving the Wi-Fi reception but tend to be a short-term solution to a bigger problem.


If none of your countermeasures succeed, the Wi-Fi signal can be extended to even out-of-the-way rooms with a professional grade network installation from Pedigree Networking.

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