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Over the years, Photo-Voltaic technology has evolved greatly, with solar panels that generate more electrical energy than ever before, batteries that hold a bigger charge and inverters that do so much more than just convert the suns energy into usable and free electricity.

Now, with the correct number of solar panels, proper / comprehensive analysis of the property for the installation, you can save so much more on your electricity costs than ever before.

Pedigree Renewable Energy working with one of the most experienced and qualified solar experts in the region (codenamed "The Jedi"), have redefined Photo-Voltaic solar installations improving on what has been done before.




PLANNING - planning is key to all installations no matter the discipline, but is paramount with Photo-Voltaic given the investment. Pedigree Renewable Energy does not just look at your electricity invoice.  We come to your house and conduct an in-depth study to determine the number of solar panels needed, the best location for the solar array, safety of the solar panels and those at the property, the electrical consumption and the items using the most electric.

E.U.A. - Pedigree Renewable Energy employs the E.U.A. (Electrical Usage Analysis) principle to determine the electrical phase / phases that have the biggest load at your property, to best save you money on your monthly electrical cost, with electricians who are licensed and qualified in Portugal.

LOCATION - Pedigree Renewable Energy conducts a survey to determine the best location and angle for the solar array at your property to capture more of the suns rays.

AESTHETIC LOOK - historically, solar panel arrays look industrial. NOT ANY MORE! Whilst the system has to be industrial in its operation, they no longer need to look ugly. Working with our Pedigree Outdoor Living division, we can plan the installation, to blend in (as much as possible) with the surroundings of the property without reducing the efficiency of energy collection.


STRUCTURE - most solar arrays use posts, cemented into the ground adopting the "washing line" principle. This is neither attractive nor structurally sound.  Our new unique "Slide and Fit" structure is specifically designed to accomodate the number of solar panels that are required, is pre-made and then delivered to the site for final fitting and welding for total structural integrity. A strong reinforced base is laid to ensure the solar array is level and secure to the ground. The new unique "Slide and Fit" system designed by Pedigree Renewable Energy, allows us to fit the solar panels securely in minutes - not days as with previous fitting systems using fiddly nut and bolts. Ultimately, this will save you money as the installation can be done in a fraction of the time. The "Slide and Fit" system, also ensures all solar panels in the array, are level, straight and line up correctly.

CABLE MANAGEMENT - all solar panels have cables to connect them from one to another and then to the solar inverter. Mis-managed cables can be unsightly and dangerous. Pedigree Renewable Energy prides itself in finishing the cable connections so they are safe and can hardly be seen.

SOLAR ROOM - if you do not have a safe, dry location for the solar collection and distribution equipment, we can arrange to build one for you. Within this room, all cables are hidden (as much as possible) in trunking and the inverter / batteries are safe from children, animals and secure from thieves.

SAFETY FIRST! - safety of the solar installation and the equipment that converts it to electrical current is paramount. Most households have children or animals or both. Safeguarding the solar installation from damage or "playing" will not only protect your investment, but will ensure that dogs and children are kept safe and away from cables, connections and electric shocks. Fencing the solar array also protects the panels from damage. The solar room contains full safety notification signs and cut-off breakers should something go wrong.

USAGE MONITORING - so you can evaluate the collection of solar energy into electrical supply, we intergrate WiFi modules to the inverter(s) and a WiFi extender for the solar array. A simple to use app on your smartphone or tablet means you can monitor the amount of electricity your solar array is collecting. A solar meter is also fitted in the solar room so you can see the number of units generated and used.

BACKUP FOR CRITICAL SYSTEMS - Pedigree Renewable Energy can install a generator to ensure even at night or bad weather, critical items in your property, can contiue to be powered. Using a special type of generator with a ATS (Automatic Transfer System), should the unthinkable happen and there is a total electrical outage and the battery storage has been depleted, the generator will kick in without you having to leave the house. This is also ideal for those who cannot or do not want to be connected to the national grid.

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