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Creative Coverings is a wall covering solution unique to Pedigree Interiors and ProjectionDreams - born out of the need to acoustically treat cinema rooms, giving clients the option for something other than plain, boring walls and colours.

Adding images and patterns gives depth and feeling to any room, cinema or otherwise, can creative a sense of height to a low ceiling, transform a boring area and make a normal wall, a centre-piece.


Bad Acoustics - Resolved!

Properties these days are constructed with speed in mind, using materials that are cheap to buy, simple to apply and easy to find. This is very true in Portugal with concrete, aluminium and steel being the main materials used in most construction.


In days gone by, thought was given to every part of the house - architects chose materials to suit the purpose and designed rooms with all elements in mind and to get the best out of every space.

With today's modern building techniques, sound is rarely considered, bouncing off walls and ceilings, making listening to the TV or your favourite music no longer an enjoyable experience.

Bad Acoustics - resolved by Creative Coverings
Unsightly Cables - hidden by Creative Coverings

Owners in Portugal tend to not be the first owner of the property they live in, "inheriting" the taste, layouts and design of the previous owners, with electrical sockets and lighting in positions that will not be where you want.

The addition of new sockets, mounting of a TV and new lights, can mean cutting trenches into walls and ceilings, adding tubing and rendering walls, which never match - then painting.

External plastic trunking can be added to "hide" the cables. Either option will still show the result of what has been done - and no matter how good the builder, you will always see the repair.

Damp Problems - Resolved!

You would think being in a warmer climate, you would have no problems with damp, rising or surface. You could not be further from the truth! Even newer buildings can suffer from damp issues.

Most builders mix sand that is not fully cleaned or acid bathed. This leaves salt in the sand which when activated by moisture, creates crystals that after a while, will push plaster and paint off the walls.

Conventional remedial treatment methods improve the situation, but the issue will remain unseen and return without warning leaving stains, blotches, black mould and pealing paint time and time again regardless of paint quality.

Damp Problems - resolved
Say no to boring white walls

Bland decoration - Resolved!

When you buy a house, the first thing you do is put your mark on it - personalise it with patterns, texture, colour, soft furnishings and decoration.

Rooms that are colour coordinated with textures to bring out light, are far more inviting places with a good feeling making them a welcoming place when you have guests or come home from work.

For some, painting is easy, but for others, can be expensive, with professional painters and the lingering smell of new paint for weeks after. Wallpapering of course needs to be fitted professionally to be right. If only there was one solution!

So - Why Choose Creative Coverings?

Creative Coverings is a truly unique product combining years of experience with modern technology and a healthy dose of interior design knowledge.


Any room can benefit from treatment including the dampest of basements, to a Boudoire in Quinta do Lago. The process is the same and the application is the same. The only difference, the location.

The benefits of Creative Coverings are many fold - decoration, to improve acoustics, to add depth to a ceiling, to cover a wall that constantly gets damp, to illustrate a gymnasium, as a feature wall - you are only restricted by your own imagination - and that is where the Creative Coverings team comes in.


We can advise, help, suggest and source images... to your taste.

The unique material used in the Creative Coverings process means that when the initial installation has been completed, you can opt to change the material, the pattern, the colour or the image as many times as you like at - a fraction of the cost.

Maintenance and cleaning can also be done at little cost using specialised cleaning materials.

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