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Reyee MESH access points are a cost-effective and helpful networking alternative for all properties - whether they are new or old - large or small.


Reyee MESH access points are especially good for properties which lack network cables or where updating the wiring would be expensive, complicated, and messy.


Reyee MESH access points provide networking at high transmission rates with the latest 5Ghz frequency and the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, delivering faster and cleaner Wi-Fi and internet speeds for the latest generation of devices.

Reyee RG-M18 & RG-M32

Compared to traditional Wi-Fi networking, Reyee MESH systems present a huge advantage in that the powerful signal is not impeded by walls or reinforced concrete ceilings when the correct number of units are installed.

WiFi should be a useful tool - not a constant distraction. Make it so with Pedigree Networking


Bad Wi-Fi is a problem everyone will be familiar with.


For days, you have been looking forward to watching the football with your friends or the latest blockbuster with your family but when it’s finally time to turn on the match or the movie, the internet connection goes bad. Instead of relaxing and enjoying, you have to fight signal crashes, missing that crucial goal or penalty or critical scene.


Unfortunately, poor Wi-Fi reception is the rule rather than the exception in many households. Pedigree Networking can resolve this for you.

There are many reasons for poor Wi-Fi reception - no access points - a lack of access points - access points installed in incorrect locations.


Small changes often contribute to improving the Wi-Fi reception but tend to be a short-term solution to a bigger problem.


If none of your countermeasures succeed, the Wi-Fi signal can be extended to even out-of-the-way rooms with Reyee MESH access points and a professional installation from Pedigree Networking.

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