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Protect Your Investment

When you own a property, whether it is for investment or as a home, it is a major financial and personal commitment. Your property needs the best security systems to ensure your valuable asset is protected, whether you are at home or away.

Pedigree Security is dedicated to helping you ensure your property gets just that kind of care and attention. From a simple alarm and CCTV surveillance system through to a sophisticated monitoring system, Pedigree Security can supply, install and maintain security systems to suit every need and every budget.

Pedigree Security has successfully installed security systems in properties across the Algarve, working with owners and villa management companies to achieve the individual requirements of owners, tailored to the property.

Pedigree Security protected property

Protecting your property, it's contents and the people in it should be high on the list of things to do for any vigilant property owner whether your property is in a built-up area or in a remote location.

Deterrent is the best form of protection - the better the deterrent, the less chance there is that you will experience the violation and heartache that comes following a break in.

There is only one form of true protection - and that is the knowledge of the owner - who has access to the property, who should be in the property, for how long and at which times. There is nobody better equipped than you to monitor your own property and know if something is wrong.

The more specific the deterrent, the less opportunistic thieves will even contemplate stepping on to your property and the more in control you will be and the more protected you will feel.

On request, Pedigree Security can arrange a no obligation security audit of your property, where you will receive guidance on the range of personalised security solutions Pedigree Security installs working with you to create a security solution that works fo you.

Pedigree Security alarm keypad
Pedigree Security alarm outdoor sounder

Alarms from Pedigree Security can be single-zone systems for smaller properties or multi-zone systems for larger properties and can have a single keypad or multiple keypads for ease.
Alarms from Pedigree Security can be armed or disarmed via the keypad or via a smartphone or tablet and can be monitored with alerts anywhere in the world.

Alarms from Pedigree Security can be cabled with door and window contacts or wireless with infra-red (PIR) detectors or a mixture of both.

Alarms from Pedigree Security can be stand-alone or connected to a phone line to receive alerts.

The choice is yours - with Pedigree Security, your alarm installation is as personal as you, which is ideal as nobody other than  you, knows how it operates, removing the opportunity for interference or tampering from outside sources.

Algarve villa with 4K security cameras from Pediree Security

CCTV from Pedigree Security is one of the best ways to know what is going on and who is around or in your property.

Using state-of-the-art 4K and Infra-red night-time CCTV security cameras placed in key locations, you can be sure to be the first to know of any intrusion, before someone gets to the house and act accordingly.

Connected to an NVR (Network Video Recorder), all security cameras from Pedigree Security can record images in ultra-high resolution so you can view in real-time or after the fact who has been on your property and use the images as evidence if needed. This function is especially useful for those property owners that rent their property and have a claim against the renter, or for those who employ pool cleaners and maintenance crews to evaluate their attendance. You can even use it to check on your kids and monitor your swimming pool for safety.

Through the use of virtual trip wires, the CCTV cameras can even trigger an alarm and start recording immediately and send you an alert directly to your smartphone or tablet, so you can view the images in real-time.

Various options in CCTV cameras from Pedigree Security are available from static single position cameras to dome moveable cameras. Some even come with a speaker so you can speak to and warn the person on your property - a great way to scare off intruders!

4K security cameras from Pedigree Security

Gate entry systems are key to controlling the main entrance to your property and who you allow access - these can be simple door bell systems, keypad entry systems through an access code, video entry so you can see who is at the gate or a combination of all.

Most clients opt for the video entry system combined with door bell and keypad code access. This option allows you to see who is at the gate and to open the gates at the push of a button if they are automated or to unlock the gate remotely so your visitors can gain access.

The video element of the system displays on a screen inside the property and can also be viewed on a smartphone or tablet wherever you are in the property.

Specific codes can be programmed into the system to log access by those with codes. This is great way to monitor gardeners, the pool cleaner and other trades, confirming they have actually been to your property when they say they have!

If you do not have automated gates, Click Here for more information and one of our Pedigree Outdoor Living team will be happy to arrange prices and make suggestions accordingly.

Be safe with Pedigree Security - we are only a phone call away.

Video gate entry system from Pedigree Security

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