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A recurring conversation with clients we have worked with over the years is simply that the home is so much more than just a place to live, sleep, eat, watch TV or to entertain. Our home is our retreat, our place to relax, to unwind and to enjoy.

Key is making the home a place where we can achieve a balance between who we are and the surroundings within the home.

We have found, that in many cases, interior designers tend to push their design ideas on clients rather than listening and paying attention to what the client wants, the colours that enhance their mood, the style that they want to achieve - whether it is a boudoir reminiscent of a Hollywood home, a simple makeover, or a complete transformation. This is one way we differ – we listen!

Interior design with custom sofas and mirror tv


Working together with carefully chosen brands and partners in Portugal, Pedigree Interiors can replicate, design, and install completely bespoke solutions for every home, whether traditional, contemporary, or modern, even items with ethnic and African influences – we make your dream, a reality!

Algarve lounge interior design with custom sofa and table


Every discipline of The Pedigree Group holds the same principles. Our dedication to realizing your dreams is pure - surpassing your expectations, our goal.

Our attention to every detail combined with the careful selection of materials ensures our quest for perfection means there is no compromise.

Custom bespoke side board from Pedigree Interiors

Creative Coverings is the unique wall and ceiling covering system from Pedigree Interiors and ProjectionDreams.

It can be used in various applications the main to reduce echo in a room or setting, to give life to a room or space, as decoration - you can even have a "Trompe l'oeil" image to give a 3D effect.

Creative Coverings - Morrocan Ceiling
Interiors from Pedigree Interiors

Pedigree Interiors is not like mainstream interior designers. We are attentive, listen to clients, advise where needed, suggest where required and use local trades who charge realistic prices for all custom and bespoke pieces of furniture. 

From top to bottom, the roof to the basement,
wall to wall, our specialist teams of builders,
craftsman and specialists, leave no stone unturned
in transforming your property into the home you want it to be.

Whether you need a new kitchen, a bathroom revamping, floor tiles replacing or an extention the the property, Pedigree Renovation have the skill and teamsto make your dream in to a reality.

Interior Services from Pedigree Interiors

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