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Pedigree Renovations was contacted by a client who had bought an old farmhouse on a large plot near Monchique in the Algarve following publicity about the Casa Atlantis project.

The project did not start well for the clients, having previously contracted an architect who suggested a complete demolition of the property and a new-build be constructed in it's place occuplying the same footprint.


The clients had bought the property for its authenticity and "knocking down" the original structure to replace it with a sterile box, was not part of their plan.


Reading that Pedigree Renovations sympathetically renovates older properties, re-using and repairing the original structures (where possible) ticked the boxes for the client immediately.

The property, known as Casa Olympus had been neglected for a number of years with parts of the property used to house animals and seed. With an amazing view to the south, the clients wanted to make the vista of the property key to the redevelopment.


The building measuring just over 240 square meters, was divided by the Pedigree Renovations architect to allow for 3-bedrooms, 2 with en-suite bathrooms, a large lounge / diner, kitchen, preparation / storage area and an outside BBQ.


The roof was in a bad state of repair, with many of the original beams, rotting and sagging so this had to be removed paying special attention to the original walls.


The Pedigree Renovations construction team set about removing the rotten beams and supporting the original walls during the process. The roof was completed renewed using Eucalyptus poles for support and authenticity with bamboo in the voids, making a beautiful traditional high ceiling. The chosen roof tiles reflect the property finished in the older style but made in the modern way.

The brief was to retain as many of the original interior and exterior walls as possible adding to the original feel and shape of the property.

New walls were constructed to the same thickness of the original walls where required and finished in original style rough-render.


The floors were levelled and traditional Stª Catarina tiles laid throughout the property in different styles, with more modern ceramic tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen.


All electrics and plumbing were completely renewed to comply with modern regulations, but in keeping with the authentic look of the inside of the property. The property was wired for 3-phase electrical supply ready for the connection.

All pipes were replaced throughout the property with new taps and connections to bring the supply to code using the latest push-fit connections and plumbing manafolds in the kitchen and each of the bathrooms.

The client had chosen a free-standing wood-burning stove which had pride of place in the large lounge / dining room. Underfloor heating was fitted into the master bathroom suite and the mirrors in the bathrooms were also heated.

WiFi through the installation of Luxul networking points and access points were added to the property for a seamless connection whereever the client was in or outside the property.

A television was installed in the lounge and standalone HEOS music speakers placed throughout the property through our audio / video company, ProjectionDreams.

All exterior windows and doors were installed using uPVC finished in life-like wood-effect finish and double-glazed. The client sourced the internal doors from a local carpenter using trees from his land.

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