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Home Automation is by far the biggest innovation in the technology market for many years. However, as with all new innovations, initially it was complicated, cumbersome and expensive

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It required many repeat visits from technicians to resolve issues and to make even the simplest additions.


This is because it was heavily programmer oriented, unfathomable to the average client and as it was so specialist it meant huge profit margins for the installer.  

Most companies who currently offer Home Automation (or Domotics as it is also called), still stick to a version of this model offering a "started from scratch" custom program, based on Crestron or AMX or a "drag and drop" style system, that limits the available hardware add-ons, to over-priced, own-brand products - Control 4 being a perfect example. 


But even the least techno-savvy client knows that the world has moved on!  


There are thousands of products seen on TV or available online, that promise control of their products through a simple app on a mobile phone and often these products are inexpensive, reliable and regularly updated.  This is the antithesis of the old automation way.


Pedigree Home Automation takes advantage of these modern, cutting edge technologies, integrating them all, into one simple-to-use platform.  


As a base we use URC - Total Control - a reliable, robust and cost effective automation system from the US.  We then add tried and trusted partner brands that have spent years developing integrated protocols with URC.

URC - Total Control.jpg
Ajax alarm.jpg
Doorbird internal.jpeg
Electric Blinds.jpg

The result?


Hundreds of products that work "out of the box" with URC, from CCTV cameras, video entry systems, electric blinds, lighting systems, audio / video systems, garage doors, air-conditioning, door locks, temperature sensors and so on.

Doorbird external.jpg

In fact, if it can be controlled, there is a 99% chance it can be added to URC and controlled easily.


What do Pedigree Home Automation add to the party?


Controlling products is one thing. Making this control easy to use, intuitive and putting it on a practical, ergonomic remote or custom touchscreen is another.    


Imagine removing all of the individual remote controls and apps that you use everyday and combining them into one place. This is Home Automation by The Pedigree Group.

Contact us now to see how we can make life easier for you by automating key functions of your home.

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