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Anyone who has tried to maintain a lawn in the unforgiving climate of the Algarve, will know that it can be an expensive, exhaustive and an often impossible task, requiring huge amounts of irrigation, maintenance and time.


Developments in the fabrication techniques of Artificial Grass have meant that choosing Artificial Grass over real grass is, in most cases, a no-brainer. And the quality of the Artificial Grass from Pedigree Outdoor cannot be beaten in look and feel.

Advantages include:-

- You can have green grass all year round!


- Looks as good as real grass!

- Hard wearing - when fitted properly even a team of kids playing football would struggle to damage it!

- Keeps its colour year-round and is UV resistant for 10 years - guaranteed!

- No need for irrigation - saves you huge amounts on already sky-high water bills! Click HERE to see a real-life cost comparison between Artificial and real grass

- Maintenance free - saves on the homeowners time and gardening costs

- Doesn't require pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc.

- Environmentally friendly

- Pet Friendly

- 10-year warranty

Grass001 3.JPG

Indistinguishable from the real thing and much less hassle


So - you are a budding golfer and want to practise your short-game or simply entertain friends and family on your own golf course?

Pedigree Outdoor can design and install a completely bespoke and custom golf course at your home with different depths of grass to mimick a professional golf course.

If you have the space, we can install a single hole through to an 18-hole course for you, flags as well!

Putting Green - Pedigree Outdoor


You prefer tennis to golf, have the space and would like to have a tennis court at your property.

You may even have an existing tennis court that is looking tired and needs to be refurbished.

Using the best in Artificial Grass specifically designed for tennis courts, Pedigree Outdoor can install for you including nets and lights for nightime matches.

Artificial Grass Tennis Court - Pedigree Outdoor

Some interesting FAQ's about Artificial Grass from Pedigree Outdoor

Q. Why choose Artificial Grass from Pedigree Outdoor?

A. Simply, Pedigree Outdoor were asked to source an Artificial Grass solution for a client who had looked at many different variations available - none suited his requirement for a quality and soft under-foot solution so we looked worldwide to find the best to offer to our client. We arranged samples and he immediately fell in love with one variant which when he put it on his real grass, stood back and could not see the difference.

Q. Is Artificial Grass just for the house and home or could I use it commercially?

A. Artificial Grass has many diverse applications. It can be used to replace real grass saving huge amounts on maintenance and irrigation. It can be used in high foot-fall locations where real grass will wear away. It can be used in conjunction with patios and walkways to create a natural picturesque environment. It can be used around the swimming pool where water will cause flooding and bleaching of real grass. You can even use Artificial Grass to create a Golf Hole in your garden. Commercially, Artificial Grass is used worldwide at hotels for decoration and high foot-fall locations where paving is just not high-end enough, golf courses for driving ranges,  pitch and put golf courses, crazy golf and also to accent certain areas.

Q. Is Artificial Grass from Pedigree Outdoor recyclable?

A. Yes - all variants of Artificial Grass from Pedigree Outdoor are recyclable. The Artificial Grass we sell are made from Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Latex - all common materials that can be recycled. The backing for instance when recycled is used to fuel cement ovens. All of the Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor, pass the EU REACH legislation (the European Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) and all conform to the environmental standard ISO 14 001.

Q. If I am allergic to real grass will I have a reaction to Artificial Grass?

A. Normally, most people who have Artificial Grass installed will have no adverse reaction, unless you are allergic to Polyethylene, Polypropylene or Latex.

Q. Will the sun bleach the Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor?

A. The Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor has been extensively UV tested to ensure it will stand the test of time and is guaranteed for 10-years.

Q. Is the Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor cleanable if I spill something on it, or my dog / cat urinates on it?

A. Yes - due to the manufacturing nature and the materials used in the make-up of the Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor, any mishap can be washed away with normal soap and water. In some instances, a soft brush may be required! So long as the application of the Artificial Grass includes a drainable layer, any excess fluid will naturally flow away.

Q. Can you clean the Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor?

A. Yes - a soft brush can be used and in some cases clients have used vacuum cleaners (set on a low suction setting of course) to remove debris and dirt. Pedigree Outdoor can even supply a specialist cleaning solution that smells just like freshly cut grass.

Q. When I walk on my Artificial Grass it flattens and stays flat. Why?

A. Depending on the make of the Artificial Grass and how dense the pile is, this can happen in high footfall areas. Certainly with the Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor, a soft brush used once a week moving in the opposite direction of the area that is flat, will bring the pile back up.

Q. Will bugs such as ants live in the Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor?

A. No. Because the grass is artificial, ants and other insects will not be attracted to nest in Artificial Grass. There will always be instances where insects will land on or walk across the Artificial Grass but they will not remain.

Q. Is the Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor available in other colours?

A. Yes. Artificial Grass sold by Pedigree Outdoor is available in other colours, however colours other than the normal grass green, are only available in quantities exceeding 350 sq.m. Our supplier is currently making a quantity of blue Artificial Grass to be used on a tennis court.

Our team are on hand to conduct a site survey on request.

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