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· Effective Titanium Dioxide Purification System (TIO2) - the very effective titanium dioxide purification system is always active, whatever the mode of operation: it purifies the air before releasing it into the environment, cooled or heated, contributing effectively to the reduction of the bacterial charge in the environment and playing an important role in eliminating the dust and the impurity particles, as well as in the prevention of bad smells.

· No Outdoor Unit - Only two holes can be seen on the external surface


· Built-In Filters - Hepa (to remove pollen particles) - Dust (to remove dust particles in the air).

· Energy Saving - Saves up to 30% energy consumption against systems with outdoor units

· Italian Design

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TBA euros

(Including IVA - Excluding Installation)

Argo DD - Summary

ATTRACTIVE, for the unique design and the high quality materials
DISCREET, for its white backlit leds
VERSATILE, as it can be installed on the wall at any height, thanks to maximum care of bottom details
FLEXIBLE, as it is useful all year long for its 5 functions
HEALTHY, thanks to titanium dioxide filter
ENVORNMENT-FRIENLDY, as it uses ecological refrigerant