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· No Trunking or Copper Pipes - unlike conventional air-conditioning units, there is no need for copper pipes or electric cavles to be run from the outside to the inside unit negates the need for UGLY trunking, keeping the look of the outside of the property.

· Dehumidification - the ARGO APOLLO can also be used as a dehumidifier.


· Ideal For Apartments and offices - the ARGO APOLLO is ideal for apartments where most blocks have rules which preclude outside air conditioning units to be fitted and offices for easy installation.


· Discrete Display - the display on the ARGO APOLLO is discreet - no bright LED numbers which dominate the unit and can draw your eyes and be an annoyance during the night.

· Italian Design - all the best designs come out of Italy - Ferrari, Lamborghini - so it is no surprise that these Exclusive Italian Designed air-conditioning units are modern and sleek and ideal for any property, new or old.

· No Ugly Outside Units - unlike conventional air conditioning, there are no UGLY outside units to spoil the look of the property.


· Built-In Filters - Hepa (to remove pollen particles) - Dust (to remove dust particles in the air).

· Clean Air - unlike conventional air-conditioning systems (outside and inside units) which re-circulate the air from inside the room to cool or heat, the ARGO APOLLO draws fresh air into the unit from outside ensuring the best possible circulation of clean and temperature controlled air is delivered.


· Energy Efficient - the ARGO APOLLO is Grade A energy efficient when cooling and heating making them more cost efficient to run than conventional air-conditioning systems.

· Environmentally Friendly - the ARGO APOLLO uses the latest and most environmentally friendly refrigerant gas called R410A. The ARGO DD should never need to be re-gassed unlike conventional air-conditioning systems and therefore, does not need to be installed by a qualified air-conditioning installer.

· Green - the ARGO APOLLO uses R32, a refrigerant with low impact on global warming and high efficiency.

· Technological - Thanks to DC Inverter technology, Argo APOLLO guarantees maximum comfort in all seasons, but low consumption, with a special attention to silence.

· Smart - the integrated WiFi module makes it a “smart” product too. WiFi is standard and, through a dedicated App, the indoor comfort can be managed remotely.

· Design - the design is essential and refined. The right dimensions allow it to be easily positioned at home, in the office and public space.
The backlit display doesn’t spoil the minimal aesthetic and, at night, can be deactivated.

· 2-Holes in the wall for low aesthetic impact - to work correctly ARGO APOLLO requires a constant exchange of air with the outside because it uses air to cool the condenser. This air exchange takes place via two holes (1 intake hole and 1 outlet hole), to be made in the installation wall, which therefore must be a perimeter wall. Thanks to the special grilles the unit can be installed very easily even from indoor the room, through walls.


· Compact Dimentions - the ARGO APOLLO has been designed to reach a minimum overall volume without any loss of performance: in fact it has a thickness of only 20 cm.

· Advanced Functionality

  • 4 in 1: Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Fan

  • Automatic swing or customizable flap position, to optimize air flow in the room

  • Very discreet backlit display, which can be deactivated during the night

  • Digital remote control with LCD screen

  • Programmable ON / OFF 24h timer

  • “Eco” function: it minimizes consumption

  • “Turbo” function: it allows to reach the desired temperature in a very short time

  • “Anti-cold wind” function: it ensures warm air in the room during heating

  • “Sleep” function: it optimizes the operation of the air conditioner at night

  • “Self-diagnosis” function: it displays errors on the unit for an easy maintenance

  • Template and external grids supplied 

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