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Clients contacted Pedigree Renovations following the purchase of a two-bedroom apartment near Alto Golfe, Alvor. The request was to refurbish the entire property, bringing it up to date with new tiles, plastering the walls, electrics, audio and video installation, new windows and doors and complete painting ready for high-end rentals.




​Generally, the property was in a good state of repair, with marked and faded paint, tired outdated bathrooms and outdated floor tiles not in keeping with the higher end the client wanted to achieve. Lighting was basic.

Electrics - the electrical wiring was good, but all outlets and light swtches were changed for new ones after the electric lines were checked for continuity.

Plumbing - the plumbing had recently been upgraded so there was just a requirement for new sinks, toilets and baths. In the master-suite, the client required a jacuzzi / hydromassage bath to be installed.

Floors - all tiling in both bathrooms were changed including floor tiles, supplied by Pedigree Renovations but chosen by the client. The floor tiles were replaced throughout.

Kitchen - the kitchen appliances were updated, but the kitchen was in a good-state of repair.

Wall & Ceilings - all walls and ceilings in the property were re-plastered, primed and re-painted.

Doors - the doors inside the property were replaced with wood effect finish and new metalwork.

Roller Shutters - manual roller shutters were removed and converted to electric versions.


After Renovation

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