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"Our Almancil Showroom"

"Now Showing" In Our Almancil Showroom

Cine-Lounge with Samsung 3-Colour Ultra-Short-Throw Laser Projector, Perlisten Floor-Standing Speakers, custom cabinet and 2 custom cinema chairs including D-Box movements actuators

Music Room with Marantz Ultra CD-Player, amplifier and Martin Logan Electro-Static Floor-Standing Speakers

Commercial Grade Home Cinema with Sony Professaional Laser Projector, M&K Sound Dolby Atmos Surround speakers, Trinnov pre & power amplifier, 6 custom leather cinema chairs, rear stage and acoustic noise reduction wall system from Creative Coverings

Multi-Room Audio delivered by Denon HEOS Amplifier through the Denon Home range of speakers and Gallo Acoustics wall / ceiling mounted speakers

Creative Coverings Acoustic Wall Treatment Including "Trompe L'oeil" Images

Sony Pro OLED and 4K Televisions with Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Mirror Television

Retro-Style CD JukeBox

Custom Furniture from Pedigree Interiors including Chasé, Electronic Leather Cinema Seating, Sofa, "Comfy" Chairs & Cabinets

Alarm & CCTV Cameras from Pedigree Security

UK Television Services

Diasec Movie Images by Pedigree Interiors

Rua da República, 64, 8135 Almancil - Tel: (00351) 289 040 403

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